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Andybpm, I'm very confused with some things.

Originally Posted by Andybpm View Post
The PDF details I use are "Cute PDF Writer" which I believe is linked to an "Adobe Acrobat" product. I called them and they said I should contact your company.
First of all, exactly who is this "them" and "they" you are referring to? Who did you call? The developer of Cute PDF Writer or the developer of Adobe Acrobat?

Secondly, you said "they" said to contact "your company". Did you mean "they" said to contact Gizmo's? This is confusing because Gizmo's is not the developer for either product, and in no way connected either.

Originally Posted by Andybpm View Post
I recently purchased a new Epson XP-400. After installing its software I began using its various functions, however I noticed that when it came to converting a Word doc. to a PDF that's when I encountered a problem...

...I discussed this with Epson and because my actual XP-400's functions works, they referred me to Microsoft. MS said my software updates were up to date so there is nothing else they can do.
What does Cute PDF Writer have to do with your Epson XP-400 printer? What does it have to do with Microsoft?

I've never used Cute PDF Writer nor any other "PDF printer" software. Notice I've enclosed "PDF printer" in quotes. That's because what this type of software does is create a virtual printer on your computer. It enables you to create a PDF file from a file of another format. To do that you need to go through the motions of selecting the document you want to convert and "printing" it. However, instead of selecting your regular physical printer (i.e. the Epson XP-400), you should look for a printer called "Cute PDF Writer" and select that. In the subsequent "Save as" dialog box, you then have to name the new PDF file and select a location to save it to.

Originally Posted by Andybpm View Post
A window opened with the heading, "File Conversion"; "Select the encoding that makes your document readable". The options that I can choose from are:

"Window (default)"
"Other encoding"

The radio button defaults to "Other encoding" and the drop down menu on the right hand side is set to "Chinese Simplified (GB2312). There are a range of Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages I can select but from what I can see no English language option.
I have to admit I know nothing of the above. There are only three things I can think of:
1. When you were converting the file did you select "Cute PDF Writer" as your printer?

2. What happens if you select "Window (default)"? For that matter, why would this option be marked as default? Isn't that contradicting what you say about "Other encoding" being the default?

3. If you still can't figure it out, you need to seek help from the developer of Cute PDF Writer at their website here.
Lastly, are you saying you've been using Cute PDF Writer in the past and had no problems with it until you installed the new Epson printer?

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