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Originally Posted by newbie65 View Post
Obviously I did try that site. There is no option provided to actually download the program-only an option to click to "Learn More." This leads to "Getting Started with Windows Media Player." In the future why don't you consider being less presumptuous and arrogant?
Sorry for upsetting you as I wasn't trying to be "presumptuous or arrogant".

It is not at all obvious from your initial post that you had found the correct page. Why didn't you provide the information that you had found what should be the correct page but couldn't find a download link? That's different than:
I have tried to find the download on the MS site but to no avail for version 11.
The download links are quite obvious unless you cannot see that column of the web page. The third column has both "get Windows Media Player 11 (for Windows XP)" under the Windows Vista section; or the bright blue "Get it now" button in the Windows XP section. You may not be able to see these because you are using an old browser or your browser is running in a window instead of full screen. If there is greater width to the page than you are currently displaying n your browser then your browser will usually display a horizontal scroll bar to indicate this.

You can use the search in page feature of your web browser to search for all occurrences of "XP". It's Ctrl+F in Firefox or Internet Explorer. I also use this feature often to minimize what I have to read.
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