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Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
how do I quote only a part from each of the messages, instead of quoting the entire message?

Thank you
One way is to copy text from the post and put it in your post and then highlight the text and then press the option to wrap quote tags around the selected text. That option looks like a cartoon dialog balloon (just to the left of the #)

you could also just add the quote and /quote tags (add brackets [] around each - will not show here with the brackets)

If you want to show the name of the person put [quote=person name (with a bracket ] after the name and end with the /quote code (putting []s around the code word.

If you want to have a link to the post the quote is from start with [quote=person name;the number of the post]. The number of the post is visible when you hover over the permalink option for the post (it is at the end)

It is a bit hard to show some of that as the board will not show the code in the post when you complete it. If you press quote on mine you will see my name and post number and the quote codes.

Hope this helps - it looks confusing even to me
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