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Default Win 8 64bit fails to boot after update

This is the second time in 5 month period due to window 8 normal update.

After installing win8 required updates that window indicated that are need to install.. I went ahead and do so and win as usual will ask for you to reboot.. which I did so..

and that was the mistake I did to reboot window 8 logo appears and do its things behind then it goes dark as it getting ready to load login window and nothing happen after that.. a minute or two later the screen start to flash and when you move a mouse the cursor appear flashes together with the screen..

I tried to use repair mode from a installation cd still nothing seems to be fixed. first time when that happen I had to do fresh window install.. now I can't be doing..

Please help if anyone ever experience this before.

Window 8 pr0 64bit

CPU: i7

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