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Originally Posted by willie kyak View Post
Q do you down load games/screensavers
" poker,candy crush, ect on facebook is that a down load!?
Downloading something means, that you have to get it on your system first, and then it runs from the system. Getting it on your computer is called downloading.

If you are playing games on Facebook, then you are running them in Facebook itself, you are not downloading.

Originally Posted by willie kyak View Post i visit crack or warez
" what is this please.!?
There are commercial/shareware software, which require a key/serial in order for users to use the software fully and without restrictions. Generally, these keys/serials are obtained, once you pay for these software.

However, often these software are hacked by using cracks/warez, etc, to bypass the key/serial thing, so that the software can be run on the system without paying for it. This is illegal. In addition to being illegal, often sites on which cracks/warez are found, are the source of malware. Therefore, it's dangerous and risky to go to these sites.

I don't think you will be using it, and I will advise you not to use it either. So, select No for that one.

Originally Posted by willie kyak View Post i down load software using bit torrent..
" what is this please.!?
BitTorrent is a software to download things from torrent using the torrent technology. It's a sharing technology which works on peer to peer method, meaning people who have complete files share it for others to download... the download is faster in this way. Many Linux distros, a few software, music, etc are offered for download via torrent. Many illegal and risky stuff is also found on torrent sites.

Most probably, you won't need to use it. So, select No for that too.

Originally Posted by willie kyak View Post
also i do have a space/stars thing going on S/S it was on the p.c.
as with everything that's programed inside
Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say here.
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