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Default Help! please.

Hi just give you a bit of info so you know were I'm at. my experience with a all but 9months and have lost a laptop due to my ignorance and ZERO knowledge.
costly to say the least now have a referb desktop xp the boy who sold it to me said it was all has avg2013 a.v. run out, malwarebytes anti-malware needs
updating hence my arrival hear to get some info reading up on your advice and
recommendations FANTASTIC after 40ish minuets i do find the wizard and asked to fill
in games do we count facebook poker candy crush and the like as yes
crack or warez?????also bit torrent???? the stuff has to be free for a little time save up out off my state pension for top stuff yes silly old man messing with tec. thank you for your time and patients hope your reading this faster than it took wright lol
many thanks WK
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