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Default Mobile OS --> PC OS instead of PC --> mobile

With iphone's announced 64-bit processor... anyone else think that phones can realistically (in the future) run PC software/games? I know Microsoft is trying to make Windows "more" mobile like with Metro UI (what is it called now again? )

But why not expect it to shift the other way and watch Apple/Microsoft's sink of money into making their PC/laptop more mobile OS like become a push against the trend.

I can "almost" see Android doing well with this. It wouldn't be a far stretch to integrate Android and Ubuntu (or another linux) into an OS. Something like a computer that makes calls? Android/Windows phone already has "office" suites, tabbed browsers, games. What separates them from PC/laptops is screen size. I'm waiting for the day I can run "real" Windows OS (not windows phone) on a phone.

I've dual booted my phone/tablet into ubuntu for a computer OS. While they worked, the processors didn't handle it well but why not expect this to go away?

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