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my ignorance, i was following the tutorial to learn about dropbox, and i was drag and dropping local meta data folder, and thats what i sent.

i located the minidump folder, between microsoft.NET and modem logs. when i click the folder it shows 0 files.

i went to windows vista site to read about minidump files and it seems many others have experienced the same trouble, and can not locate or no file(s) had been generated.

i was there only to educate myself a bit, i did not download any of the offered "fix,s", nor did i try locating using SYSDM.CPL, as suggested to one person.

i feel bad for bothering you and im embarrassed with my ability now that i have read the many different reasons a dump file might not be generated, after reading some of the reasons i found info that the files may be hidden ?, there was no more elaboration about hidden data past that
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