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Well, since the flood in Thailand, even the warranty on the hard drives have reduced. And the prices have doubled . Earlier, warranty was 5 years, and since a few years, it's 2 years now. This leaves very little for the end users. They can only hope and pray that the drive does not get bad. The quality has also reduced. I have an old hard drive, 8 GB PATA of Seagate, from 1999, and it's still running solid, whereas I have seen many newer hard drives fail in a few years.

And yes, you are correct, you can depend on nothing. Eventually, whether it's a DVD/CD, flash drive, external drive, internal drive.. they all give up after a few years. They all have a finite life. Still, I find DVDs atleast more reliable, since if you handle them carefully, they can last upto quite many years. But, with flash drives, or external drives, you never know when they will fail. More so, if they are in regular use.

And nowadays, data is really becoming unmanageable. As the capacity of the hard drive increases, so does our data. There are photos, movies, videos, songs, documents, software... all wanting a load of space.

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