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Originally Posted by MC
I honestly think this is the best policy unless you have the time and inclination to sort it all out with a full install. Gnome 3 is definitely heading in a better direction now, but it's no where near as easy as KDE to run on my 3 hardware setups.
Crap!.... Curiosity got the best of me. I went ahead and installed it. As I mentioned allot of the configuration issues were solved once I installed it on the HDD. The update operation can only be described as maddening. I had to reboot at least 4 times, heck I lost track. My wallpaper changed each time after rebooting, had no idea how to fix it, frankly at that point I didn't care. I blame Dedoimedo for this exercise of chaos. Deepin may one day be a distro that makes it in the main stream but right now (IMO) its not ready for prime time.

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