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i located this, could this cause the above mentioned blue screen ? even though i read the info provided about virus alert, im uncertain about removal, any words of wisdom would be appreciated, i use mse, hitman, mbam, ccleaner, kaspersky root kit removal tool and winpatrol +, nothing catching "msident" i just happen to see it under active x, all but mse are set for stand alone. i am just now obtaining the utility provided by anupam, thanks to all.


Msident.exe will appear in your Windows\System or System32 folder. You may see it described as "MS Security Update 993". In reality, this file installs with a yet to be classified member of the SDBot family of Trojans. We know this file will set itself to run on system startup. It may also download other unwanted programs, update it's own code, or allow a remote user to access your system. More information can be found at

We'd recommend removing this file using WinPatrol. First, kill it under your Active Tasks then remove it from your Startup Programs. If running WinPatrol 8.x or later; right click the file then select "Delete file on Reboot". Finally, reboot your system.

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