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Default Help please with spreadsheet

Hi guys, I am hoping that someone is good at spreadsheets. When it comes to figures my mind just can't sort them out. I can do basic spread sheet stuff, but this has just gotten me beat! If you look at the last miles to the gallon, it states that my wee car has done an amazing 187 miles to the gallon! So somewhere its not right. So does anyone know what I can do to resolve this. Quite simply I take the miles I have done and change the liters to gallons. As I wanna know how the car is performing. I am on a tight budget and this helps me know how much the car needs for journeys. Hope you can assist as its driving me crazy. And the gallons are UK on USA.

Info/DetailsDateMileage at fill upLtrsConvert to GallonsMiles from last fill upMiles to GallonGeneral notes
Bought car 3004    Note Ltrs into Galls 4.54609
First fill up Tesco Boston14. November 20123160.2286.1591389524156.2  
Tesco Sleaford7. December 20123438.429.026.3835075856278.243.5810557547 
Tesco top of Lincoln14. December 20123533122.639630979694.635.8383428333 
Tesco top of Lincoln28. December 20123708163.519507972817549.722859375 
Tesco top of Lincoln23. January 20133951296.379108200724338.0930989655 
Tesco bottom of Lincoln6. February 20134113173.739477221116243.3215635294 
Tesco Boston15. February 20134238112.419661731312551.6601136364 
Tesco bottom of Lincoln20. February 2013430781.75975398646939.21002625 
Tesco Top of Lincoln11. March 20134478163.519507972817148.586336875 
Tesco Top of Lincoln22. March 20134607143.079569476212941.8889721429 
Co-Op, North Lincoln8. April 20134765163.519507972815844.89263875 
Tesco top of Lincoln17. April 20134898143.079569476213343.187855 
Tesco top of Lincoln15. May 20135186286.159138952428846.7597828571 
Tesco top of Lincoln21. May 20135328132.859600227914249.6572907692 
Tesco top of Lincoln10. June 20135675316.819046697334750.8868783871 
Tesco top of Lincoln28.June 20135938235.059292710926351.9835508696 
Tesco top of Lincoln03.July 20136054112.419661731311647.9405854545 
Morrison Lincoln08.July 20136271194.179415717721751.9211331579 
Tesco top of Lincoln26. July 20136591286.159138952432051.9553142857 
Tesco top of Lincoln2. August 20136779153.299538724518856.9776613333 
Tesco top of Lincoln16.August 201137007214.619354214322849.3575485714 
Sainsbury, Lincoln22. August 20137123102.19969248311652.734644 
Meanwells5. September 201374187.151.5727801253295187.565951049 
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