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Originally Posted by Burn-IT View Post
I have seen several occasions in the past where MS have said there is a fault on my disk and I need to let it check it. Every time it has completely corrupted the disk and I have had to restore from last nights back up. Further investigation shows NO Errors, viruses, Trojans whatever.
This is a support forum yet all you are doing is complaining with a vague description of what happened. I'd like to know why you get these problems again and again.

For your warning to be useful you should be a lot more specific: system description and configuration, literal error messages, etc.

Disk data is corrupted for many reasons. It would be an extremely unusual problem for it to be a Windows fault when there are several more probable sources of such problems. I have seen thousands of disk problems blamed on Windows. Only two were Windows faults and they tend to be documented elsewhere given the number of Windows users.
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