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You can opt out of Virtual CD_ROM while installing Haozip, and it even gives you options to deselect image conversion/editing tool and other extra's during installation.

For mounting it supports the most used formats like ISO, MDS, MDF, CCD, CUE, IMG, UDF and NRG. I don't use the virtual drive of Haozip, I use Winarchiver Virtual Drive, because of two major qualities not found in others.

1. Support for a huge number of formats, more than 60 and it even supports directly mounting of rar, 7zip and other compressed files.

2. It supports upto 24 virtual drives.

And it's clean and very light weight and free .

About Haozip, it's based on 7zip, I don't know much about other things. I'm not sure if it's redistributing or based on same source code.
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