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Originally Posted by Frank D View Post
R IMO, it's a curious contradiction to say that a full system image backup is the solution to all computer crash problems, since in my case it would have been restoring a system that was damaged and I was unhappy with.
I haven't heard anyone make that generalization without a context. Anyway, I think that you are comparing different crashes (unrecoverable errors preventing the operation of part or all of a computer system). Your problem has been the corruption of your system configuration which is very different to the loss of your storage medium.

A 'full system image backup' is a backstop that allows us to keep operating. It becomes more essential the greater the magnitude of the crash. Here's some examples:
  • An application can crash and restarting it can resolve it;
  • An operating system can crash and rebooting the computer can resolve it;
  • A hard disk can crash requiring a new disk and the image restored to resolve it; and
  • A complete computer can, literally, crash and burn meaning the backup image is essential when rebuilding your system on a new computer.
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