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This thread has now become moot as far as my particular PC is concerned. Two days ago I bit the bullet and reinstalled my copy of Windows 7 (Home Premium 64-bit) to my PC to the "bare metal." I made the decision to get out from under the limitations of a limping operating system. I'm now in the process of restoring all my programs and data en masse from my last full system backup. It's tedious (about 450 of them), but most, if not all programs, continue to work, since I had saved all their installation and activation codes and passwords, and now it's mostly a matter of re-entering that information -- and they go happily to work again. IMO, it's a curious contradiction to say that a full system image backup is the solution to all computer crash problems, since in my case it would have been restoring a system that was damaged and I was unhappy with. Although labor-intensive, this method has solved the problems I started this thread about.

Thank you for your continued support! :-)

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