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Originally Posted by Waterlily View Post
I received the error message: "Graphics card does not support Shader Model 2.x" when I opened the game: "7 Gates-The Path to Zamolxes". Does anyone know if the software called 3D Analyze is a safe fix to play these higher end games?
Is there any other solution to fix this type of problem?
Thanks for any suggestions.
"7 Gates-The Path to Zamolxes" is a low-end game nowadays which suggests that your PC is very old. Lack of support for Shader Model 2 means no DirectX 9 which means your system is probably 8-9 years old. That's why George.J asks about your system specifications because that will determine your options.

The best solution is usually to get a graphics card that supports what you want. If you have an AGP or PCIE slot that is relatively easy. But if you have a system board that only provides integrated graphics then there is a limited number of PCI graphics cards that may help.

As to using 3D Analyze, it should be OK to use but it only solves one problem: where a graphics function is not supported it simply prevents many error conditions. It works by intercepting calls to the graphics module. It passes on those that the graphics module supports. It does nothing for those that are not supported which would otherwise produce an error condition. But this does not mean that the game will display OK or that it will run without error.
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