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Default Be careful when Windows 8 thinks that you have a disk error

This might be of use to some who might come across the issue that I had the other day.

I had just created a restore point prior to carrying out a complete partition backup of my system.

Thank god that I did because a little later on in the day I noticed the Microsoft Action Center system tray icon telling me that an error had been detected with my hard drive and I needed to reboot in order for tests and corrections to be run.

After waiting an age for the diagnostics to run, Windows refused to boot at all, so I duly entered the recovery mode that allows a system restore.

I was informed that there were no system restore points available.

After booting from a Hirens CD and inspecting the contents of my drive, there was indeed a restore point available.

I ran a variety of tests on my SSD, including one from the manufacturer, which yielded no issues whatsoever.

I restored my image backup (Paragon B&R Free), which went perfectly.

The system booted and everything runs perfectly, except that the Action Centre still thinks that I have a problem and wants to reboot so that it can screw up my machine yet again.

I have turned off notifications for disk errors in the future and based upon my experience, would recommend others do so as well and use a third party utility to check your disk if required.
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