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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
If you don't keep backups for longer than a month then consider using a Program Uninstaller. Some of the features that might have helped you:
backup of software before uninstalling
uninstall driver software
show registry entries for installed software

Sorry not to have replied for five days, but my hard drive died and I had to wait for and install a replacement for it. Luckily, because of the incremental system image backups I run every night, I'm now back to where I was on the evening of August 21, with no data or program losses.

I don't understand how any of the programs you referenced would have helped me. I already used both Comodo Programs Manager as well as IObit Uninstaller, but their features/functions weren't up to the task because what I was trying to uninstall all traces of is a USB-attached scanner, a piece of hardware not a program. As a matter of record, I did use IObit Uninstaller to uninstall the GUI and OCR program that came with the scanner, but it did not remove all traces of it from the registry, as shown by the repeated detection of it by the Windows 7 in-place reinstall function.

At this point, after my hard drive failure, I'm less sanguine to plunge ahead again, using the boot disc method to purge the registry of scanner traces and do an in-place reinstall of Windows. My urgent need for Windows Media Center has subsided, and Windows is running extremely well.

I apologize for not completing the task at hand right now. If and when I reconsider I'll reopen this thread. Thank you for your help.

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