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Yes, unfortunately, that's how the forum works, and that's how it will continue. We cannot allow indefinite editing of posts... that's not secure, and not practical too. We have had instances in the past, where people posted something, and later on edited their post to completely change that thing. Also, editing of posts after a certain period of time, and that too for old posts is not practical, because, the other members won't be aware of the change, as no notification, or email is sent out, because of the edit.

Therefore, editing is allowed only up to a certain period of time. The time is sufficient enough to review the post, and correct any mistakes. If there are additions after that, better post a new post. That's how it will work.

If there are any changes to be made to the original post, please PM the moderators with the desired changes to be incorporated. If those changes can be posted as a new post, it's better to post as a new post.
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