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Sometimes the easiest solutions are the hardest. after running a final test, doing a root scan & though i didn't believe it could be that simple, the root scan showed a corruption in 7zip!!?? i deleted it and all it's associated files and so far tonight, everything's fine. Who knew. Thanks for the advice and thanks for suggesting avast. I'll use it again if i get into trouble like this, but it only has a 30 free license b4 you pay, so it's a short term solution. The cable company guarantees me that the mcafee i get free is the cat's meow. Don't know, just happy things seem to be working. There is a bit of overheating going on, but not as drastic as i thought after running speed fan, but hot enough to make me want to look inside to check the hydro cool system. thnx again for all the help and suggestions. Though it's irrelevant now, i run win7 pro.
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