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You are having enough RAM on the system, so hangs because of the low memory can be ruled out, unless you are running a game which requires even high resources.

I am not familiar with hydro cooling, and don't know how it works, but you can also check, or get it checked, to see if CPU is getting too hot. You can use SpeedFan to monitor for temperatures.

You still didn't tell which version of Windows you are using.

Originally Posted by garan View Post
i forget some of the programs i used, but the last i remember were Combofix, CCE, TDSS-KILLER & Rkill.
ComboFix is a very powerful program, and should not be run by general users. Running of such programs on your own, unless an expert tells you to do, can cause more problems for you. ComboFix is generally needed to run on highly infected systems.

Therefore, please do not run such programs, unless you are sure of what you are doing.

TDSSKiller is also a program for expert use. I mean, you can run it to see if your computer is infected, but removing anything on your own is not advised, as there can be false positives, and the results are best analyzed by experts.

As I said earlier, McAfee is not a very good antivirus. It's quite possible, that it might have missed things. If you are not willing to part with it, I will suggest to download Kaspersky Rescue CD:

It's a free rescue disk from Kaspersky. Download it, burn the image on a blank CD, and then boot the computer with it, and run the scan.

Alternatively, you can also download BootDefender Rescue Disk, which is free too.

You can also run scan with Malwarebytes Antimalware free version:

If you find that you have infections, but you are unsure whether the files are safe to remove, I suggest you leave them alone, and ask for expert opinion. If you think, or find that the computer is infected, I will suggest posting at forums like BleepingComputer to get expert help in removing the infections.

If you do not find any infections, then you can look at other causes, like system hardware.
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