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Originally Posted by J_L View Post (replace @ with a, it's censored here for whatever reason)

That should take care of any registry entries. I wouldn't recommend the "clean" registry route, because that can easily create more problems than solve.
I've read the article and have chosen Method 3, which uses the Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home boot CD to boot the PC into the Windows PE environment and access the Registry Editor (regedit) while Windows is not running.
Lastly, next time take a look into this:
I've been doing full system image backups for years and am using two such backup programs concurrently: AOMEI Backupper and Genie Timeline, and a third program, [edited]. The latter is a Windows System Restore replacement "on steroids," in that it takes recurrent snapshots (i.e., System Restore analogs) of everything on your hard disk, not just the selection that Windows normally decides upon. I've had occasion to use all three of them to do restores in the recent past, and I can say with confidence that they all work as advertised.

My particular problem stems from the fact that I didn't discover that I needed Windows Media Center until well after the time that I uninstalled it, so I was beyond the window of restorability of all these backup programs. (I limit them to one month each.) My reason for needing WMC at this point is so that I can use an add-in, TunerFreeMCE, for watching streaming internet TV programs on my PC. It provides support for the full Hulu catalogue of TV programs through the WMC interface. Without WMC I'm "marooned."

Thank you, JL, for your helpful information. I'll look forward to editing the registry again using the new tool, and then trying another in-place reinstall.


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