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garan, welcome to the forum .

First, we will need details of your system... which version of Windows are you running, 32-bit or 64-bit? What's the amount of RAM on your system?

Then, since when are you experiencing these issues? Do you remember having these issues start up after installation of any particular program, or after a particular issue or event?

When you say hang, for how much times these hangs occur? The lags occur all the time, or only sometimes?

You say you used 6 utilities... which ones did you use?

I will suggest uninstalling McAfee antivirus. It's detection rate is not very good, and I believe it's also heavy on the system. You can install a free antivirus, which perform and protect on par with the commercial ones. My suggestion would be Avast Antivirus free version. You can see other suggestions on this review:

The issues may or may not be because of hardware problem.

Please answer the queries, and then we will provide further help.
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