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Well i've used about 6 different utilities so far with the last 2 being CCE and TDSkiller and while it appears that everything is clean, my problem persists. My computer has unpredictable lags, loops call it what you will but it just hangs though everything shows as running instead of not-responding. My mcafee will not run any scans at all, IE seems to log in or nor log in to my homepage. I ran all my games from safe mode, so my games aren't the issue. AFter all of that, 4 straight days of using various utilities and nada, wonder if it's a hardware issue now and if so, how do i test that
I spent a ton of money on this system, and while it's not state of the art, it's still more than relevant with an I5 processor, twin ati cards etc and still runs(ran?) things smoothly. I'm already on a tight budget and this computer broke my budget and then some, so I'm looking for some free software that might do hardware tests or benchmarks to identify what may be wrong that way, whether it be a blown ram stick, a mobo issue etc etc. Thanks in advance for any advice. It still may be something sinister that is managing to elude all these programs, but i begin to doubt that.
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