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I found the time to have a look at Windows Media Centre on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I uninstalled and installed WMC without any problems. I confirmed that turning the feature on and off does install and uninstall the folder and files for WMC.

I did manage to create a problem similar to yours but I found that turning WMC off and then on again fixed it.

I'd like to understand the current state of your system. Can you answer the questions in bold. The other text gives some detail.

When you turn the WMC feature off it removes a number of registry entries and removes the ehome folder which is in your Windows folder which is usually C:\Windows\ehome. Is there an ehome folder on your system after you turn WMC on?

WMC uses services "Media Center Extender Service", "Windows Media Center Receiver Service" and "Windows Media Center Scheduler Service". Do you have the WMC services installed? You can check if they are installed by running the Windows Task Manager and selecting the Services tab.

The Winsxs folder contains the Windows component store which is effectively the entire operating system broken down into packaged components. So whatever you do don't delete any files in the Winsxs folder. This store is used to install WMC. So how big is your C:\Windows\Winsxs folder? My Winsxs folder is about 16GB but the size depends how specific components have been handled: for example, there are backups of some updated components that can been be removed so the update becomes permanent and can't be uninstalled. Removing those files reduces the size to about 12GB.

If you search the Winsxs folder, how many files have "mediacenter" in their name? Mine has about 130 files.
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