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I am such an xxxxx! I extracted the Maxthon portable (newest version) into my old Maxthon portable location. So, now I have "Portable Maxthon" folder under my "Portable Maxthon" folder.

But, guess what?! I already had the latest portable version already. So, when I try to run the Maxthon.exe file under the layered "Portable Maxthon", it locks up. But, if I run the same Maxthon.exe under the upper level or top level, it runs fine.

I can't explain it. All I know is that I have 2 of the same portables copied over to my C drive, one layered below the other. The top layer one works fine and the one in the c:\Mathon Portable\Maxthon Portable doesn't!

No big deal. I'll just deleted the layered folder and I'll be fine.
Been here since the beginning.
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