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Resolved [Android] A (relatively) easy way to install CWM in your phone

Some time ago, we were discussing about the best (and safest) way to intall CWM on a rooted device.

Thankfully, Android Developer "LEDelete" has created a windows-based tool to install CWM in almost every phone: The RecoverX Project.

These are the steps you have to follow in order to install CWM:

1. Download the app from its official page: and install it.

2. Make sure your phone is rooted (), the USB Debugging option is activated and that you have all the necessary drivers installed. (Setting your screen sleep time to 5 mins. or more is a good idea too).

3. Launch the RecoverX tool

4. Select your phone manufacturer, your model and the CWM version (if available)

5. Wait for the specific download to finish

6. Plug your phone in (it must be on)

7. Wait for the install to finish (check your phone's screen for the installation confirmation via "superuser" request)

8. That's it.

Once the install is completed, there are several ways to access the CWM (it is a brand-dependent thing). Just perform a search using your phone model + CWM as a wildcard.

You can also look for more info on the RecoverX Project thread at XDA Developers

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