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Originally Posted by Doobie View Post
Even if you got hold of a random copy of XP Home, the key on the sticker won't work. One of MS's tools to fight "piracy" is to tie keys to specific OEM runs of XP. Ironically, this isn't a problem for pirates, just for legitimate users.

If you want to be legit, put a copy of Linux on it.
Most random XP Home Edition CDs will be Retail rather than OEM so you can use them on any computer with a "generic" OEM license.

"Generic" OEM CDs can also be used for any OEM license. All my OEM XP Home CDs have exactly the same image which has worked with every license key (Retail and OEM but not Volume License) that I have used.

It is only "non-generic" OEM CDs, such as Dell's, that check the hardware and will not install on different brands of computer. But that doesn't prevent that license key being used on other hardware.

It is not legitimate/legal to transfer OEM licenses to another computer because it breaks the license agreement. However it usually works without any problem because the OEM license allows motherboard replacements which is difficult to tell from a whole computer replacement.
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