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Hi, I had a look at their website but I can't see any portable software, just mobile applications.

There are PC/Mac programs which claim to let you run mobile apps in a desktop O/S, but I've never tried any out myself so I don't know how good they are.
Just out of curiosity though, I'd be happy to check out a few and report back in a day or two.

Meanwhile, I did discover that ePocrates have a web-based version of their mobile app which has "...similar features as ePocrates Rx Pro, its premier handheld clinical reference guide, as well as additional functionality and content better suited to the desktop environment."

I don't know if you've looked at that already but it looks as if it would to all intents be a desktop version of the software, all you'd need is a browser and internet access. I'm guessing you'd need internet access anyway for the mobile app as well, as all the info appears to be online and requires registration to access it.

The site is here - ePocrates Online.
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