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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
I thought you'd tried Windows System Restore but on rereading your post it appears that you were talking about restoring your own backup.
That's correct.
If system restore doesn't help then read the following which could help you as it gets deeper into Windows configuration. But before starting have a complete backup you can easily restore. Make sure that you have a system restore point before any change. Also don't do anything that you cannot reverse easily. For example, instead of deleting files simply rename them so you can rename them back if you need to.

I asked questions as you didn't provide enough information for me to eliminate some options.

Uninstalling means physically removing the files from the disk by deleting them. I asked you to clarify this because it is different than disabling a feature. If Windows is only disabling the feature then turning it back on will continue to use the same files and you will have the same situation.
I used only Windows' "Windows Features" tool to uninstall WMC. I have no idea how it works.

What is the brand and name of the scanner?
Microtek ScanMaker 3750i

What is the device name in Device Manager? To display the scanner driver, you will probably need to select View | Show hidden devices.
It's exactly the same as above.

What are the hardware ID(s), Driver Key and Inf name?
Hardware Ids:

Driver key:

Inf name:

[*]Driver key = {6bdd1fc6-810f-11d0-bec7-08002be2092f}\0000
The first part of the key before the "\" can be used to find registry entries which can be deleted.
[*]Inf name = oem87.inf
This can be used to locate the .INF file on disk so it can be deleted if necessary. They are usually in the Windows\Inf folder.[/INDENT][/LIST]
Windows will reinstall drivers automatically if it finds any plug and play hardware when it restarts. Windows can also keeps device's installed even if the device is no longer connected. Background processes or services can also "recreate" the entries.
This is where my eyes start to "glaze over" and I lose touch. I don't have a bloodhound's instincts or a detective's talents in this area.

To check on services, go to Start menu | Run | type in "services.msc". Look down the list of services and see if any are running that have the brand name or model of the scanner, include "scan" or include "TWAIN" which is a scanner software interface. You could disable it or ask here if you're not sure.
Again, I lose touch here.

FYI, while you are looking at services you can also see if "Media Center XXXXXX" and "Windows Media XXXXXX" services are running.
The only service I can see is the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.

Whether you find any relevant services to disable or not, you should use Regedit in Safe Mode to remove device driver entries. Safe Mode won't load most drivers which makes it easier to delete their registry entries and files.
I'll keep this in mind if I get to the point again where I decide to do an in-place reinstall of Windows. At the moment, I'm reluctant to try this again.

I suggested this as a last resort because it is a way of determining what the settings are when Windows media Center is correctly installed. If you can't work out what is wrong then seeing what does work can help to repair your setup.
I see your logic now.

For the present, considering all the technical machinations I'd have to go through to address the solution to this problem, I'm going to tolerate living without Windows Media Center -- mainly because other than this single flaw, my computer is working fantastically well and I don't get much of a thrill watching streaming video on my PC (i.e. without WMC). When I get to the point where something else goes materially wrong and can't be corrected except by a reinstall, at that point I'll put all my troubles together and work on them at the same time, using your instructions in this thread as my guide. Then it will be worth my while.

Thank you for all your work on this problem. I appreciate your help.

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