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Unhappy I can't reinstall Windows Media Center

I posted this problelm in another forum over a week ago. The item got quite a few hits, but zero answers. I'm posting it here thinking that different folks will have different experience and points of view, and I may hit it lucky.

Because of difficulties I was having with Windows Media Center (Win7, 64-bit) and Windows Media Player, I made the mistake of following advice I found on the Internet: using the Windows Features app, and following the on-screen instructions, I removed them and then tried to reinstall them. Result: Fail!

Through a lot of repetition, trial-and-error, etc. I was able to get Windows Media Player back, but Windows Media Center is resisting being reinstalled.

I've tried the standard procedure to reinstall it over a dozen times:

1. Go to Control Panel => Programs and Features, and click Turn Windows Features on/off.
2. Check Windows Media Center (which has been unchecked since its removal).
3. Reboot.

Unfortunately, every time I'm told via the same error message:

[Window Title] Windows Features / [Content] An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed. / [OK]

At some point it finally worked for Windows Media Player, and I now have that back, but it did not work for Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center remains uninstalled.

I ran the sfc /scannow command from an elevated cmd prompt but nothing happened or changed. I then re-ran the sfc /scannow command from the Windows 7 install DVD command line (in repair mode). However, after rebooting and checking it out, there was still no change. Windows Media Center was still unavailable.

I tried to do an in-place reinstall of Windows, but the install finds a legacy scanner, which I physically removed, uninstalled, and then removed all traces of the software and cleaned the registry, but the reinstall will still not run because it says the scanner is still installed.

At a friend's suggestion I tried (1) uninstalling all versions of the .NET framework, (2) reinstalling WMC, and then (3) reinstalling all the .NET frameworks again. There was NO CHANGE.

I've run the Windows System Update Readiness tool and looked at the checksur.log. It's very short and there's nothing in there remotely referencing Windows Media Center.

So it seems my only option to recover the Windows Media Center is to do a bare-metal reinstall of Windows, which I am not about to do. And my backups don't go back far enough for me to try a full system restore.

Can anyone suggest how to break this cycle and get Windows Media Center reinstalled? Thank you!

Frank D

P.S. Why can't Microsoft make a simple install/uninstall file for WMC?
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