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If you've done everything Microsoft suggests in No sound in Windows then you've covered the most common causes for system sound stopping. It sounds like you have but just check before looking at other possible causes.

Sound also fails from hardware problems, other software and more advanced audio settings. Here's some steps you can try:
  • Check that the problem occurs for all codecs and players. Have you tried all the other playback programs that you've used recently e.g. music and video players? It was suggested so I presume that you have. Have you tried multiple audio formats: music files, video files, CDs, DVDs, BluRay, etc?.
  • It is unusual for sound to step without a causative event so consider if there was anything different or unusual that you have done. So did you install, modify or uninstall any software before the sound stopped?
  • It is possible that your disk data is corrupted or your computer hardware is damaged. Have you had any power cuts, brown outs, incomplete shutdowns, etc? Run memory test, disk check, and Windows system file checker. Check that there are no visible issues inside your PC such as loose or damaged wires or components, melted or burnt components, etc.
  • Are you using a separate sound card or the sound feature integrated into your computer motherboard? If a separate card then first test it after removing it and reseating it. Then remove the sound card altogether and see if the integrated audio works.
  • There are more advanced configuration features. For example, it is possible to capture audio output and send it to another program as input.
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