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If I were you I would first have a quick look in the Sounds options, via Control Panel - Sound, or via the speaker icon in your system tray.

Make sure that your default audio output hasn't been changed without your realising it... for example my laptop has a choice of analogue or digital output and occasionally when messing around with audio software, I find that something has selected the digital output without my realising it.

I hesitate to say check the Mute option as well, but you never know.

Next I would see if I can narrow down the issue a bit ... i.e. is it all programs that fail to play sound? Try as many different ones as you can, e.g. browser, video player, audio player etc, even the preview button in the Sound Scheme tab.

If nothing at all seems able to play sound, then do you have alternative output sockets on your PC? Most have Headphones Out and Line Out, try them both and see if you can get anything. Also, do you have any metering software that you could use to check visually if sound is being produced?

Failing these, more info would be useful, e.g. what hardware and O/S you are using.
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