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An alternative would be to "export" the document to a PDF format before you burn it to CD. Every computer probably has a program that can open PDFs since it's such a ubiquitous format. I should think your publisher's computer will open a PDF file easily. You should also retain a copy in Open Office's native format (ODT I believe) to continue working on it.

I've never used Open Office but according to their description of the word processing module here it can export a file to PDF:
Publish in Portable Document Format (.pdf) to guarantee that what you write is what your reader sees. The PDF export feature in Apache OpenOffice provides a huge set of formatting and security options; so that PDF files can be customized for many different scenarios, including ISO standard PDF/A files.
You could try clicking on "File" in the menu bar to see if the option is there, otherwise you'd have to use "Help" to find out about it.
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