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I ran into an annoying problem a couple of days ago after installing the codec package: ADVANCED x64Components for Windows 7 and 8 (formerly x64 Components) 4.2.1

During the install process it offered to install the Delta search toolbar and search engine. I unchecked the option but it was installed anyway Then every time I would create a new tab it would direct me to site with a red WOT rating. So I went into about:config and did a search for Delta and about a dozen entries were there. I then right clicked on the offending entries and clicked on reset on each item. When I rechecked the entries they were returned to their original settings however I was no longer redirected to their website when starting a new tab. I'm not an expert but I did not like this so I reset my firefox setting after backing up my bookmarks. After reinstalling my add-ons I was back to where I was. My question is would it have been safe to leave the entries in my config?

I might add if you google "remove the delta search engine" there is many discussions on the topic.
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