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Default Unallocated space to create a partition

I want to create 2 partitions on my laptop, but am a bit unsure as to the language used in article, and need some clarification.
Am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and using MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition (thanks for the recommend).

Everything I have read gives the impression that partitioning is done with a new hard drive. However, I have some 200 GB of unused space on C:OS (with more to come).

1. Using MiniTool, do I resize C:OS to create the 'unallocated space'. I see I must change the partition amount for that to happen. Please guide if I am wrong.

2. Are there limits as to size. The partition I want is about 90 GB. The second will be about 40 GB later. Can I use eg. 90 x 1024 to get the size in megabytes. Also how much unused space. I read that about 20% of your drive should be left free. Is that true OR a myth.

Thanks for any help.
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