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Xmarks is excellent indeed, I've used it for a couple of years now with, to be fair, a couple of hiccups but nothing too major. And it's since been taken over by the same people who do LastPass and does seem to be very stable now. As well as bookmarks it can also sync history and open tabs and offers site information too, and of course it's browser-independent too so you don't need FF to access your bookmarks.

What I'd add though, is to always get the version from the Xmarks site itself rather than the Mozilla extensions site... the one on Mozilla right now isn't working at all well with FF22 (or 23, I forget which) but there's a newer version on the Xmarks site which works fine. There's often a delay like this with extensions while Mozilla approve developers' updates.

FEBE is also a great tool. It doesn't save extension preferences unfortunately but most of the more involved extensions (e.g. Speed Dial, Tab Mix Plus) have an option to export settings anyway which is a huge time saver.

Lastly, there's an excellent add-on called Extension List Dumper which just adds a button to the add-ons manager for saving a txt/html list of all installed extensions along with directory, version, decription, dev's url etc if you so choose.
Very useful if you want to do a clean install and just want a reminder of what extensions you had and where to download them again.
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