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Good to know it worked .

In case you want to reinstall Firefox sometime in the future, and you feel it will be much of hassle, you can use FEBE to make the process easy.

It's a great extension, and I have been using it for years now. It can backup extensions, themes, preferences, bookmarks, passwords, search plugins, etc. It can also restore them easily from the backup. You will only need to install FEBE when you reinstall Firefox, and then you can use FEBE to restore other things.

Since it will restore bookmarks too, you do not have to install XMarks if you do not want to. Although I want XMarks to be very useful too, because it keeps an online backup of my bookmarks, and it can be used to sync bookmarks anywhere on Firefox. That way it's helpful.

Apart from what FEBE will restore, you will only have to manually take care of change that you made in about:config, if any.
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