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Yes, you can expect no help from Oracle about removing JRE remnants.

You should use this link to download JRE, in case you need to install it in the future. The page contains offline installations for both 32 and 64 bits, with clear indication.

I think you can safely remove those Sun and Oracle folders, since they are concerned with Java only. I wouldn't worry about the registry entries much, because first, you have already uninstalled JRE the proper way. Those remaining behind are just leftover files and folders. Even if you uninstall other programs successfully, I can assure you that many registry entries are left behind. So, a few left over registries don't matter much.

This link might help you with the query regarding the IE plugin. The query is same as yours as to the plugin showing but no corresponding folder.

The answer tells to use a software called BHO Remover from SecurityXploded, which is a good software. But, same can be achieved by HiJackThis too.
Or, even by CCleaner startup tool. I think that if you take a look at Internet Explorer tab under CCleaner Startup tool, you will find the plugin showing there. Since there is no corresponding file/folder for that entry, it can be safely removed via CCleaner, or HiJackThis.

The entry in Firefox too, can be removed as explained before, without worrying about registry.

Don't know if it's the fault of Windows, or the JRE uninstaller, but really, it's quite a mess.
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