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Now that you mention JavaRa's forums I went and looked. It just didn't occur to me to look before . Maybe it's because I have so many other important things happening on in my life at this particular time that it was enough to distract me. Nevertheless, I didn't find anything helpful.

When I used JavaRa it told me it completed the task, but it never gave me any other feedback like a log or anything. Just a simple message that the task was done. It was only curiosity made me check to see if it really did the trick. You may be right about it having a problem with 64-bit machines though.

Checking my notes, it was version 6 64-bit Java I had installed. All the security concerns late last year convince me to uninstall it. I didn't have any use for it anyhow, so there was no sense in keeping it. I made sure and checked Java's site to ensure I was following the recommended uninstall procedure.

I checked again just now and Oracle doesn't even have a mechanism where I can ask how to get rid of these remnants, so that's a dead end. There's simply no way to get feedback from their tech support. They do claim to have an uninstall tool, but it requires the latest Java to be installed on my system, and the tool doesn't remove that last installation of Java. So it's no use to me.

BTW, on Java's site there's nothing that gives a choice or 32 or 64-bit. Even when I click on the download button (and cancel of course), there's nothing to indicate whether it's a 32 or 64-bit file. I suspect the Java site simply detects what system my computer is and presents a download to suit.

I checked the Java remnants and they are all in the directory beginning with C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow. Within that there are Oracle and Sun folders and sub-folders. Here's a rundown of them:
Oracle>Java>FX2.0 (empty folder)
Sun>Java>AU (contains 2 files named and au.msi)
cache>6.0 (folders labeled 0 to 63 plus folders named host, muffin, and tmp, all empty and a file named lastAccessed)
ext (empyt folder)
log (empyt folder)
security (files named: baseline.timestamp | baseline.versions | blacklist.dynamic | blacklist.certs | update.timestamp)
SystemCache>6.0 (empty folders labeled 0 to 63 and a file named lastAccessed)
tmp>si (empty folder)
File named Deployment Properties
So many empty folders mean I didn't do anything on my system that needed Java. I'm also tempted to just delete them since I've uninstalled Java and don't use it in any form or fashion. What prevents me from being that rash is I'm not sure if I will be leaving broken or orphaned registry entries, or it will somehow have a detrimental effect. So that's why I've decided to simply live with the disabled plugins and Java folders/files.

Another strange thing is when I checked on Java(tm) Plug-in 2 SSV Helper in IE by right clicking on it, it points to a file called jp2ssv.dll in C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin. There's no such file or directory! It means Windows and IE are pretty crappy with housekeeping.
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