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Ah, 64-bit Windows! I think that JavaRa must not work properly on 64-bit Windows. Maybe that's why it was not able to remove Java? I checked out JavaRa forum, and found a few threads... in one of them, a person said he was able to remove Java using JavaRa successfully on some Windows 7 64-bit systems, but not on some others.

Joe, do you remember which version you had installed earlier? Did you download the latest version and install it, when trying to install and uninstall again? Maybe the previous uninstall was not able to remove all the files properly. Maybe you installed 32-bit JRE one time, and maybe 64-bit JRE other time, and therefore, the files are remaining behind.

The one in SysWOW64 is 32-bit dll, since that folder holds files for 32-bit applications on a 64-bit system.

There are still problems with 64-bit systems, and therefore, I am not too keen on installing 64-bit Windows yet. I am glad to still have a 32-bit Windows. But yes, with latest laptops, I have observed that mostly they are coming with 64-bit Windows, so that is going to be the norm in coming days.

I think that this Java mess is caused with 32-bit and 64-bit installations perhaps, or has something to do with it.

I think you did not download full JDK kit... the JDK plugins come with JRE, and so you have these.
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