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You are right Anupam. about: plugins in FF does reveal the plugins with the path. In the case of JDK the path is C:\Windows\SysWOW64\npDeployJava1.dll. Now that I know the path, I also found it. You know, this may be a bit unrelated, but why do some apps/program put their dlls and other files in all over the place? In this case, if I didn't know the path, I would have never thought to look there. Having found the offending JDK dll, I'm still reluctant to delete it because I'm afraid I may leave some orphaned registry entry, or break something.

I don't have Open Office or any other application that relies on Java - I'm almost certain of it. Reason is it would complain if I try to use an application that depends on it - and that hasn't happened.

My suspicion is when I used to use IE, I may have installed Java(tm) Plug-in 2 SSV Helper unwittingly. Later, when I installed FF, it must have scanned my computer and automatically installed JDK because it saw I had that plugin in IE. So yes, I may have installed JDK by mistake, but I don't think I installed a whole "kit" - just the plugins in IE and FF. There's nothing in Control Panel>Uninstall a program that remotely looks like being connected to Java.

I'm still stumbling around and learning about computers in general, but I'm a bit wiser now I think.

I have to rush off on another matter now, but when I get back I'll have a look at those Oracle/Sun folders and post what I found.
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