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Joe, you are perhaps right in leaving the procedure which involves removing registry entries.

About Sun and Oracle folders, you can atleast check them to see what they contain. I tell this, because it will tell you for sure what's inside it. In case you have other Sun, or Oracle products, like Open Office, then those should not be removed. Checking the folders should give you can idea.

About Firefox, yes, the article is a bit old, but some of it should still apply.

In about:config, the Search bar is the filter bar actually. If you type the desired entry in full, or parts of it, you will get matching entries from which you can choose the desired one.

I checked on the latest Firefox, by typing about: plugins, and it shows by default the path of each plugin and its dll. So, there is no need to set that option in about:config in newer Firefox, I think.

In Firefox, I don't think it writes any entries in the registry, regarding the plugins, otherwise the article would have advised so. In past, I have removed dlls for Firefox, from the plugin path showed in about: plugins. Although, I do not remember which plugin it was for, and I haven't done it more than once or twice I think. So, removal in Firefox should be easy, if you are willing to go for it.

Strange though, that Java removal by JavaRa did not work. It should have.

Joe, by any chance, did you install JDK kit of Java, by mistake? JDK kit is a whole lot bigger than JRE. JDK is for developers essentially, and it contains JRE too. But, JRE download only contains JRE with just JDK plugin. So, maybe you installed JDK instead of JRE? Although, it's a remote possibility since, their setups have a vast difference in size.

Boy, would I love to have a look at your PC .
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