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OK, reporting back.

I installed Java and ran JavaRa. When I checked, it was still listed among the programs in Control Panel. Confused, I checked in the Program files folder and sure enough it was still there. Not sure what went wrong, but it seems JavaRa didn't uninstall Java.

Next, I decided to try Geek Uninstaller. From what I observed, it ran Windows native uninstaller. The result? It was the same as when I uninstalled from the Control Panel.

J_L, thanks for those links. I studied them and these were my thoughts:

The ghacks article dates back to April 2010. I'm not sure if some of the information is outdated, but I got as far as about:config in FF was stumped. There wasn't any filter bar to be found in FF. Due to this, I could find the path to the dll file(s). I even checked the locations in the article, but still couldn't find the dlls. Even so, they recommend deleting those dll files. I don't think I would risk deleting dlls even if I were to back them up. What would happen to the registry entries? Wouldn't that lead to broken registry entries? Those are my reasons for not following that advice.

Furthermore, there's a link in that article to another one. That other article is even older - October 2009. The gist of it is FF auto-detects which plugins to install. They recommend yet another hack which involves doing some editing in the plugins directory. Again, I'm not in favor of following that advice. They admit it's not a perfect solution too, so what the big difference if I just disable the add-on?

Internet Explorer
The more credible solution in the link involves deleting registry entries. One thing I'm not doing is tampering with the registry even if I back it up. I may not know about the registry, but at least I know enough not to tamper with it.

To sum up, I'm back right where I started. None of the so-called solutions are at my comfort level, so I'm prepared to live with disabling the add-ons/plugins as well as keeping the Sun/Oracle folders. At the worse, they'll occupy a bit of space on my hard drive, but at least they won't trash my PC. I am fickle, but not fickle enough to prevent good sense from prevailing.

This whole experience may look like both your time and mines was wasted, but I take it as a learning experience, so it isn't a total waste. I'm a bit wiser now, and more careful about what I install.

Bo and Anupam, the only thing that bothered me in FF was that JDK add-on, otherwise I'm fine. Based on what I said above, I don't think I'll get rid of JDK even if I were to reinstall FF. So I won't be trying it.

Guys, I really do appreciate all the help and advice, but I think I've settled matters in my mind for now. Thanks to all.
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