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I think JavaRa may work better if you reinstall Java and then uninstall it using JavaRa... that way it will know which files/folders to delete.

Joe, you can check the Program Files folder to see if Java is installed anywhere. If not, I think you can safely remove the left over folders. You can check the Sun and Oracle folders to see what they contain. If they are not related to other products, you can delete them safely.

I think it maybe a good idea to reinstall Java, and then uninstall it using JavaRa.

If you do not wish to go that route, what J_L posted is good enough to remove JDK plugin without re-installing Firefox.

About re-installing Firefox, what seems as a hassle to you? I mean you are worried about restoration of bookmarks, extensions and such? Do post, and I will share how you can restore Firefox without much hassle, and get it quickly to a state you were using it, before re-installation.
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