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OK. I downloaded JavaRa and ran it without re-installing Java. When it was done, I checked and the folders are still there! I even tried Additional Task - Remove startup entry, Remove Outdated JRE Firefox Extensions, and Clean JRE Temp Files - no dice.

I haven't used it in a long time, but I decided to check Internet Explorer too. I found an extension named Java(tm) Plug-in 2 SSV Helper. There's no option to uninstall it. I even tried right-clicking on it. There's no option to uninstall Java Deployment Toolkit in Firefox either.

Bo, thanks for the advice about re-installing FF, but I wonder if it's worth the hassle. I've read about using XMarks, but I'm still reluctant to re-install FF. I think I'll just disable those extensions/add-ons and live with it. I'm leaving the folders too, in case I break something. It just makes me mad when uninstalling a program leaves leftovers all over the place. Grrr. I mean, if a developer writes a program, how much harder is it to provide an uninstaller that removes everything?
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