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Well Maxthon does also have a pretty powerful multi-search function too... I've not used it a lot but it makes it very easy to flick between a huge variety of searches. Another definite point in it's favour.

Syncing was my problem with Skynote ... I tried a couple of test notes but they disappeared from the cloud with no trace
That was several months ago now though, and I suspect it might have been a case of user error anyway, as I was new to cloud browsing at the time and it's quite possible that I wasn't using it properly... whatever the case, it seems fine now.
The issue I think is when you have a new installation or newly extracted portable version, to give it time to sync itself on first use. Although having said that Skynote was definitely having one or two problems before.

I've been exploring the dat files this evening and had some limited success in altering bits and pieces of the GUI, not to mention destroying various parts of it

I thought I'd post this anyway to show people...

It isn't mine, I got it from the forum and to be honest don't really like it much - for me it's gone too far to the other extreme, but I thought people might be interested to see what can be achieved by editing ui.dat.

My plan is to compare this modded ui.dat with the standard one and hopefully from that learn which parts of the file I need to edit to make the browser the way I want it. It's going to be a bit time consuming though, it's quite surprising how much code goes into a few basic elements and I don't know anything about css.

The flash blocker works ok for me, and also seems to work per site as well if you use the hotkeys. There's a global setting in Maxthon for "Allow all sites to run plug-ins", but oddly this doesn't seem to stop Youtube working so I'm not sure about that... maybe the Flashblock permission over-rides it.

Sparkling pink ponies hehehe. Total War Centre has been infested with those for a while.
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