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Yes, thats the search URL for WOT-SurfCanyon. Once entered into the search engine manager your search results show with the coloured WOT icons automatically, as opposed to having to change settings in DDG. Not sure which engine delivers the best results, personal choice I suppose. I use both.

SkyNote works fine for me, I don't use it for anything too important either but once locked they stay as they are. Haven't lost anything yet, I don't sync them but have saved them as text documents just in case.

I installed the Flash Block extension today, it seems to work ok, gives you the plug-ins on demand option. I'll keep using it and see how it goes. It would be nice if that particular function was an option in the browser settings though - I'm sure it used to be. Can't remember.

As far as the GUI goes, I don't mind it. I'd like to see an option to narrow the bars a little, something similar to FF with 'Use Small Icons'. That would be enough for me. Maybe when there are more built in skins options, without having to unpack files all over the place etc. I've done that before with previous versions but can't be bothered now, I can live with the available options as they are. I prefer the default tabs above the address bar but you can change it to tabs below. Personal choices again.

Recent change to their forum is also good, plenty of help and info if required - not as many sparkling pink ponies, flashing signatures and OMG!!!!!'s as there used to be. It's a much better layout, easier to find what you're after - less painful on the eyes
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