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Thanks for testing and the feedback guys - I appreciate it .

Anupam, like you, I also access Box from my FF browser. I don't use a desktop app or plugins for this.

I've tested further with FF unsandboxed and with JDK disabled, and was able to upload files to Box.

Testing the same with FF sandboxed (i.e. running in Sandboxie 4.03) and with JDK disabled, FF crashes again.

Conclusion: Sandboxie is the culprit.

And yes Anupam, I keep JDK disabled. However, in the past, I found I had to enable it in order to upload files to Box once FF was running sandboxed. Uploading used to work in a sandboxed FF only if JDK was enabled. Now, regardless of whether JDK is enabled or not, FF would crash once I try to upload to Box. And yes, JDK is up-to-date - version

I'm going to report the crash on Sandboxie's forums and see what Tzuk has to say. I'll post any feedback to this thread.

As for Java, I uninstalled it more than 6 months ago. I don't miss it and I haven't encountered any sites or programs that need it. Question here: Even though Java has been uninstalled, I still have Sun and Oracle folders in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow. Are these leftovers I can safely delete?

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